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Ark-H Magento Integration

If your company used the services that Ark- H provide you’ll be happy in the knowledge that they will look after packing products, distribution, processing sales and much more on your behalf, and they provide a system where by you can log in and see exactly what’s going on.

If you’re thinking about setting your stall out online, Juno media have a special solution that will create a bridge between your online store and the ARK-H system using Magento.

This will not only benefit your business with a smoother operation and less staffing hours, but also the customers who will gain a positive purchasing experience.

The link up from e commerce to Ark-h systems is automated and seamless. Information is sent back and forth to both sources, allowing automatic stock updates, which reduces overselling.

Customer information, which can be sent to distribution for shipping, accounts and finances are updated and available at any time.

Customer purchases are tracked and form buying trends so businesses can market specific service and products to the customer.

Juno used Magento to create the front facing web page of your company. This is where thousands of customers will browse and purchase products and services from your company. The sites employ tried and tested design and are easy to use. Specific products are featured and users can zoom in. The sites are SEO friendly and analysed by the major search engines and most importantly, you control the whole site.

Save time, increase productivity and scale efficiently with full automation of your sales and customer data from Website to warehouse.

For best results, this process requires planning and discussion to between all parties Juno, your distribution and accounts team and ARK_H.

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