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BCP Software Magento integration

BCP Software is a leading provider of retail management solutions, with their Accord EPOS system setting the standard in terms of reliable, fast and resilient POS processing. Offering a high level of functionality complete with an easy-to-use interface it’s great for the customer as well as the operator, and managers can get easy access to sales data for real-time reporting. But what if you want to combine your POS solution with your ecommerce store? That’s where Juno can help.

Here at Juno Web Design we can integrate your BCP Software solution with your Magento site, bridging the gap between your online and offline operations to streamline processes and maximise productivity. With a direct link from warehouse to website you’re in complete control of every aspect of your business, and with everything being accessed from one central point it offers the efficiency and reliability you need.

Main benefits:

Real-time functionality and automatically updated stock levels, with information being shared seamlessly between the warehouse and website to avoid overselling and alerting you when stock becomes low.

Customers can order based on current availability and their details are automatically saved and sent to distribution, simplifying the process and ensuring quick delivery whilst letting you track sales for marketing purposes.

POS and accounting information is updated on a real-time basis, reducing the need for manual input (thereby cutting admin time, staffing hours and overall costs) whilst offering accurate reporting.

This level of functionality is further enhanced when you consider the starting point. The Magento platform is fully customisable to suit the needs of your business whilst being incredibly user-friendly to give shoppers the experience they deserve. With simple navigation, effective design, SEO-rich content and a high level of control you’ve got the perfect ecommerce solution, and with the addition of your BCP Software you’ll have everything you need to make the most of your multi-channel operations.

Sounds like something you want to get involved with? Then get in touch. Here at Juno we’re on-hand to discuss your requirements and could soon get the process underway, so call us on 0115 941 8122 or email and see how BCP Software/Magento integration could benefit your company.

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