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Jan 12,2009 Shopify API

6 Tips to Using Twitter to Increase Friends and Traffic

Most people these days have heard of Twitter? There are many new techniques to promote your web design online and Twitter is a very good one. It's among the fashionable social network ways of keeping in contact with people.

In this blog post i will tell you about six methods you can easily apply to Twitter to make friends and additional income!

1. Most importantly Twitter is a cracking way to stay socially connected with people who are following you and who you are following. You do this simply by posting short posts called "tweets.

This has become recognised as micro blogging as you're confined to 140 characters in your messages. The key is to develop a huge list of followers. You are able to do this at different web sites like and then begin following people who have corresponding interests to yours.

2. Make yourself jump out by providing things that are unparalleled. I like to offer updates about what I am blogging about in my wordpress blog. Debar from selling all of the time and offer valuable content and your followers will value it.

3. You've to get your Twitter link out where people can find you. This implies adding it to your e-mail signature file, in forum posts, on your site, on your blog sidebar, in article resource boxes, and so on. People will follow you if you've a lot of credibility - which you should have - doing it this way.

4. Be orderly when posting new updates, or tweets. Whenever you've something to say do it. This is like posting in your blog. If you include stagnate you'll lose your strength.

5. Social networking works as you're part of a community. Twitter is no different. If you're an asset to your followers people will want to see what you're up to. You are able to include a link in your Tweets to anything you want by making a TinyURL.

6. Realise all of the methods you can benefit from Twitter. E.g., Merely by posting what you're up to in your online business, you'll be able to find new joint venture partners. A different way to profit is outsourcing things you need done by posting a tweet for work such as blog reports, artwork, internet site design, etc..

These are six easy methods to use Twitter to make new acquaintances and make more income by drawing in traffic. Because it's here to stay, and the ways to use it will only increase, this is something you're going to want to discover more about.

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