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Dec 11,2007 Shopify API

Client launch: Impactt Limited

Rolled was called in by Antonio Gould to work on improving the web presence of Impactt Limited. This collaborative effort was to bring the old, out-dated Impactt website up-to-date with a new look, an online strategy and easy to use back-end.

Impactt's new site describes what they do best:
Impactt helps companies to improve labour standards in their supply chains in a way that makes business sense.
Impactt's passionate team strive to deliver the best, fair results for both ends of business, from production to corporate. Their work includes Strategy Development, Workplace Solutions and Training, which takes them to many parts of the world. With such a strong focus on improvement, we got to work on improving their web design

Here is the work we rolled out:

A more aesthetically pleasing design, new site structure and Wordpress powered back-end. The site is easy to navigate, getting users to exactly what they need in no time. Impactt's own printed newsletter, "The Meteor", has been re-born as an online blog and live news feed. The blog allows Impactt to keep readers up to date with news and allows the distribution of streaming video and audio. Recent news is constantly being fed to the site, linking users to related news articles and sites.

Working with Impactt Ltd and Antonio was a pleasure. Antonio had this to say about working with Rolled on the project:
"Rolled's work is consistently of exceptional quality, both from a design and technology point of view. They're responsive, reliable and very easy to work with.
I can't recommend them highly enough"
And we won't not stop there, we continue to support and maintain Impactt as required, to keep the ball rolling. On behalf of everyone here, I welcome Impactt Limited to the Rolled family.