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Feb 01,2011 Shopify API

Facebook deals

The social networking site that is Facebook was originally launched as a, well social networking website, used as a means of communication. However, six years and 600 million fans on and this social networking site plays host to millions of pounds worth of advertising revenue.

Not only do companies advertise down the right hand side of the site, but now you can get specialised ‘Facebook deals’ just for ‘checking in’ via Facebook place apps to shops, cafes and other businesses.  In return for using this app on your Smartphone, you can get deals on a number of products including 50% off a cup of coffee, extra dishes at your favourite restaurant or even free gifts. Wow!

The whole point of this venture is to get businesses involved with their customers. This may be due to the fact that many big-brand websites now have more fans on Facebook than they do hits to their websites.

Many believe that the Smartphone app is nothing short of pointless as many Facebook and Smartphone users just won’t be bothered to ‘check in’ to every place along the highstreet; however, I beg to differ.  Upon reading about this new craze of Facebook deals, I decided to check out my own Facebook friends to see who actually uses the ‘check in app’. To my amazement, I would say at least a quarter of my 890 Facebook friends have checked in to somewhere at some point, and so the offer of freebies or discounts to them would be welcomed with open arms.

Facebook itself claims that it does not take a cut out of this venture as it is all about optimising user’s experiences and making the site more fun.

In my opinion, this does appeal to many a Facebook user after all everybody loves a freebie!