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Sep 19,2012 Juno Ecommerce

Give your website a makeover

OK, so you’ve got a great website. You’ve had it for years and it’s always done a great job, but what if you could make it even better? With so many new sites being launched you need to be ahead of the game if you want yours to stand out, so giving it a once-over with a fresh pair of eyes could be just the thing to catapult you to a whole new level of success.

You need your web design to be top notch, but there’s more to it than making it look good—the most important thing to do is make it user-friendly. If you haven’t taken a look at it in a while then chances are you’ll be able to make some improvements, particularly with visitors expecting more than ever before—people don’t want to waste time trying to find information and you could easily lose sales if your setup is confusing, so make sure that everything can be easily accessible with a proper navigation system to make it more organised and instantly more appealing.

Then you need to consider the overall look and feel of the website, paying close attention to any graphics you’re using. Yes, you need your site to be content-rich in the form of text and information, but it needs to be visually appealing too with graphics that catch the eye and pique curiosity. You want your visitors to stick around and not be put off by a bland-looking website, so give them something they can work with and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards.

Make sure to optimise your site effectively too, and always use the right kind of web design to suit your specific business—a one-size-fits-all template simply won’t be sufficient, so make sure that yours really stands out whilst being perfectly suited to the task in hand. Once you’ve given your website the makeover it needs you could soon notice the difference, so don’t let it stagnate—pay some attention to web design and you could set the internet abuzz with a site that works on every level.