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Mar 26,2012 Shopify API Ecommerce

Launch of Browne Jacobson site

Last week saw the success launch of another web site from the team at Juno Web Design.

Browne Jacobson, a local client and full service Law Company, approached Juno to create a very clean and bespoke site, that could categorize areas and direct service users into the right areas where they would find information relative to them. It is an education site and has a lot of depth, which allows many pages to hold information and the navigation allows you to choose which area you work in, to arrive at a particular area of the site. This means all the particular content you read is relevant to your role and you will not be offered content which is not relevant to you, as a user.

The site is cleaner, easier to navigate and provides a wealth of content to users. Its smooth design and high quality imagery allows users to find pieces easily, plus the portfolio of clients really does impress.

This kind of web structure is a great way to have deep sites that need to hold a lot of information and offer resources to your users. If you are interested in a similar style site, or would like to talk about initial designs, contact the Juno Web Design team today.


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