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Aug 22,2009 Shopify API

LittleFish IT Support - SEO, Brand Strength and Conversion.

We began optimising the Littlefish IT Support website a year and a half go and have achieved the number one position for the Competitive search term IT Support. The traffic and recognition attained through number one position has changed the business infrastructure dynamically. Littlefish has multiplied in size six times since we began, achieving much greater profitability with higher levels of invcoming business and lower sales staff costs.

As the business grows its needs change. The current web design is not befitting a company of the scale and reputation of littlefish and has a high bounce rate, with people leaving the site with only one person viewing the site. The time has come for Littlefish IT Support to look like the biggest and best IT Support company in their market and this is down to Brand placement and Brand Strength achieved through design, website architecture and improved content.

Here is the OLD Site

[caption id="attachment_2158" align="alignleft" width="588" caption="Littlefish IT Support | Old Web Design"][/caption]

We defined a Number of issues with the old site as follows:

The Brand looks weak.
The navigation is difficult to use.
The Content is highly search engine targeted but difficult to read and does not communicate clearly.
The Bounce rate is high suggesting that users are not engaged by the design or tempted into the site further by clear and simple navigation.
The call to action is not clear. What are the main objectives of the web site?

Here is the NEW Design

[caption id="attachment_2162" align="alignleft" width="588" caption="Littlefish IT Support | New Web Design"][/caption]

We have worked to produce a much stronger brand and company appearance but without altering the logo at all. The design is contemporary and aimed to evoke an emotional response from site visitors, with the most important calls to action emphasised (BIG and orange).

The website is designed to be highly commercial to improve conversion and goal conversion as well as achieving the level of content required for top search engine placement but in a much more user friendly way. So a site that works for the business as it is now.

The design is quite unique and unlike anything else in the industry and we will let you know later how well it works out in terms of improving sales... when it goes live and we have the statistics. Afterall it is about percentages, it is one thing to drive a million people to your site using the search engines, but it is the percentage of those visitor that invest in the company services that is the most important.