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Nov 07,2008 Shopify API

My 5 Tips For Stumbleupon Success

I've exhausted a lot of time finding and stumbling internet pages. I've also received respectable traffic from StumbleUpon to my own blog which you're reading at present. I stumbled photographs and websites with thumb up, critiques and correct tags. Whilst I'm attempting to be an effective stumbler and enjoy my time seeing amazing photographs and web websites, I've in addition to obtained some critics about how my web site acquired traffic and how I assist others by doing stumble the nature ways.

I do not see anything amiss with what I'm doing. So if you're fascinated in acquiring traffic from StumbleUpOn, please carry on reading.

You'll be able to find a lot of cracking internet resources with SU advice, but here are my top 5  recommendations:

  1. Do not merely vote for your own website. When I began, I was thumbing up my own work only. This is a huge no-no as i obtained virtually no traffic with this technique.
  2. Stumble through your friends favorites every day: If you have made some friends on Stumble, press the friends button then you will see that your Stumble Button will from that point just stumble through your friends favorites. Do not forget to critique the stuff you genuinely like as well.
  3. Like all effective web 2.0 tools, Your posts do not suffer because you thumb up another person. Give thumbs up to authors you entrust and SU appears to give you additional props for acknowledging good content.
  4. Do not be a pimp. I do not stumble all of my posts. I hold back till somebody else does (which seems to give more stumble-juice) or I only thumb up my finest material. This appears to give additional “weight” to the ones I do choose.
  5. The more you give, you more you get. SU has afforded me another chance to get in touch with a few of the smartest folks I have ever met. Do not try to game the system - you'll obtain as much or more than you invest into it.