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Jul 08,2009 Shopify API

One poster design one hour please...

We are forever getting urgent calls for design to meet print runs and like to fulfill, even if it means working into the small hours. Today we had that call from Ich Mowatt, local audio post and music specialist, MD of Sounding Post and general all round good guy. Ich is hosting an event coming soon to Nottingham and needed to meet print today with posters for an event promoting his business, and Giltbrook Studios.

The event is for networking and promotion of local bands and talent and will be a great bash. If you are a musician there are lots of fantastic professional recording prizes for audio and video that could help you get your music out there.

Contact Ich directly to find out more...

Tel: 0115 9459433

Here is what we came up with in one hour.

[caption id="attachment_1815" align="aligncenter" width="588" caption="Poster Design | Sounding Post"][/caption]