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May 10,2012 Shopify API

Psychology and web design

Many designers may not always take into consideration the psychology behind what they are creating. Here at Juno Web Design it is something that is constantly at the forefront of our minds, because not only are we creating something that reflects the ethos of the client, but a site that users will want to visit again and again.

Some designers may think that psychology concepts in web design are way too complicated, but there are some basic principles that can be factored into every design you do. These, from the eyes of a user, will improve the way the site looks and is used.


What to consider when creating a site.

There are a few points such as colours, fonts, placement of pictures and text, driving people to other areas, and these points and pretty simple to feature in your design. All in all this should promote happier visitors and regular hits to the site.

Firstly- Build Trust. If you visit a site that is well laid out, clean and simple to use, from the word go you will feel at ease. Much like in advertising, that site can represent clients in a manner that echos a professional outlook. If users visit sites that are badly laid out, full of different fonts, texts links and pictures, straight away that trust is broken, its the equivalent of a Dodgy Car Dealer.

Consider patterns. Most sites are set out in the same manner or feature parts that every user can recognise such as a menu, content, pictures, keep this in mind, you might be creating a master piece, but if users land here and there is no familiarity, they may quickly leave.

Consistency. Every page should be consistent with the rest of the site and the branding of the client. This not only echos professionalism, but if users visit a red herring page they may think that the company is unprofessional.

Colours. This can be quite a deep subject to broach, but colours really do help a website, for instance if you want people to purchase a product, the buttons to "add to shopping basket" should be green or orange.  Orange is a positive and energetic colour and green promotes growth.

There are many attributes to the psychology of web design many books that you can aid you, such as 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People.


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