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Oct 04,2011 Juno Ecommerce

Quality Management Software - Union Square

Throughout every stage in a construction process there has to be an element of quality control and management. If you work in the construction industry, you will know there are so many rules and regulations that go alongside the preparation and physical construction of a building.

By preparing, planning and adhering to documents, quality can be managed throughout the whole process, and documents can be called upon to discuss plans, make any changes, and to back up agreements on the building process.

The amount of documents, which are an integral part of the construction process, are ever increasing. Those documents need to be stored easily and called up at a moment’s notice.

There are a range of Quality Management Software programmes available on the market, which can be installed into construction businesses to allow the safe storage of documents.

Workspace is one system which is used by over 3000 construction professionals across the UK. It is an incredible system and the storage of documents is the core of this programme. There are elements of the programme such as the corporate database, and project accounting, which fully integrates every element. If you have a client, have documents related to their project, and have a budget in which you want to see how much has been spent, you can call all of those elements up at any point.

Workspace is an automated system so if you file a document under a client it will recognise this and make any updates or changes to the client’s project. Workspace records any revisions, readings, issues or emailing of the documents, which are all controlled. This means that your documents are never lost or duplicated, and provide a high level of quality control to your company. Workspace is the choice of thousands in the construction industry, due to the services it provides to make business streamlined and controlled.