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Mar 23,2012 Juno Ecommerce

Responsive Web Design

Thank goodness it's Friday, this week has been a big challenge for the Juno team, with new issues arising, but we've pulled together and overcome. The positive from this particular week is our move into Responsive Web Design, which we are particularly excited about.

What is Responsive Web Design?

It's basically a way in which we can develop a site which automatically detects the screen resolution on a device and re-sizes to that particular device. So, if you are using a Smart phone or a tablet, you may find some sites look terrible and don't load properly, with responsive design, these problems don't exist as the site re-sizes to the relative size, offering all the important information for the user, it still runs quickly and it allows companies to be on the move and drive more customers through to their sites.

This type of design and development is, as you can imagine, very different to the traditional ways of developing a site, but the outcome is that sites are much more portable. In the modern age and the advancement of technology and media platforms, it is not enough for a client to simply think about how their site would look and perform on a Mac or PC, they need to think about all those users on their smart phones and tablets.

M Commerce has increased massively over the past couple of years, users are on the move, browsing and shopping online, but if your site is not up to scratch or providing users with a mobile version, they tend to go to your competitor.

We love the idea of responsive web design, it provides many solutions to problems and is the way forward, because, let's be honest, more and more platforms will become available to make the internet even more portable and accessible.

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