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Mar 12,2010 Shopify API

SUNGLASSES SAVE JOINS MAUI JIM to promote UV eye protection worldwide

It’s about that time of year again, where all of the snow and ice will be melting, the trees will begin to produce fresh green leaves and temperatures will start to rise. Birds will chirp, flowers will bloom and as we all head outside to enjoy this time, our friend the sun will reappear. That’s right, SUMMERTIME!

As beautiful as it may be, summertime does come with some dangers. With the ever increasing threat of global warming, the world has been experiencing higher than average temperatures and people are being exposed to more Ultra Violet rays than ever! The growing population and increase in mass consumption is destroying our ozone layer which is the only natural protection people have from these harmful, cancer causing rays. The increase in Ultra Violet ray strength also interferes with the way we as humans are able to see and perceive our surroundings and our world. Glare and distortion are on the rise. Not only are the suns rays stronger and more dangerous than ever, but the average time spent outdoors has increased dramatically over the years as well, further increasing the inherent danger of Ultra Violet exposure.

Maui Jim is THE leading sunglass company that specializes in combating the dangers of Ultra Violet radiation. Maui Jim sunglasses are the fastest growing, polarized sunglass company in the entire world! Maui Jim sunglasses are different than most in that they have a double attack against the harmful affects of the suns poisonous Ultra Violet rays. They not only have a super high level of Ultra Violet protection built directly into the lenses, but the lenses also have the capability of cutting down on glare and reflection by being polarized. Maui Jim sunglasses protect the human eyes from all types of Ultra Violet rays. This protection includes the aging UVA rays, the burning UVB rays as well as the cancer causing UVC rays. Maui Jim sunglasses also combat all three types of glare: Bounce Back glare, Reflected glare, and Direct glare. Maui Jim is able to reduce glare, letting you see brighter, more vibrant colors by utilizing their patented multi-layer lenses.

Maui Jim sunglasses come in a wide range of colors and a variety of styles and shapes to compliment any lifestyle. You design your sunglasses your way! This includes but is not limited to exclusive sunglasses for the winter months that will decrease the extreme reflection of the suns rays from freshly fallen snow, while enabling you to enjoy your typical winter activities. All Maui Jim sunglasses are backed by a warranty and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Maui Jim is customer oriented and offers free shipping BOTH WAYS! Maui Jim sunglasses can be purchased conveniently from the comfort of your own home via or from any number of retailers worldwide. For more information, log on today.