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Jan 02,2009 Shopify API

Twittad Let Your Ad Meet Tweets

TwittAd was formed to give Twitter users and advertisers the opportunity to meet for product placement & web design promotion on a Twitter user profile. Their goal is to not fill Twitter with ugly & obnoxious advertisements. They give advertisers templates and ideas to help keep the integrity of Twitter background images.

How it Works:

1.Post Twitter account for advertisers to purchase
2.Select your duration & price
3.Wait for advertiser to purchase
4.Accept or Deny the proposed ad within 48 hours of purchase
5.If you accept the ad we will use the Twitter API to upload the ad to your Twitter profile
6.1-Tweet Promo Sent
7.At the end of the tenure Final Tweet Sent

How you get paid

You will get paid every hour you serve the ad. A Virtual Account balance will be calculated and once the advertisers ad expires the money is released into your Real Account balance.

Quality Control

TwittAd 's technology will continually check to make sure that a Twitter user is serving the ad. Every hour the ad is served, the Twitter user will receive money in their TwittAd account. Once the TwittAd users account reaches $30 they can request payment. If Twitter user removes the image before the advertiser's time has expired, we alert the advertiser and they have the option to give negative feedback to the Twitter user. Advertiser will receive credit back from TwittAd for the time their ad was not served.

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