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Jul 28,2009 Shopify API Ecommerce

Twitter Uses 'Tweet' on Website

Amidst Twitter's popularity in the web industry, the company is making significant changes on its home page that will most likely spark mixed reactions various groups. Twitter has been making such a fuss about the word "tweet", trademarking it to thwart third party developers from using the word.

Although not considered a major web design change, replacing the word 'updates' on the right sidebar of the page with 'tweets' will definitely be noticeable. Twitter also changed the individual profile  pages.  "Twitter 101" was also added to the page. This is built for businesses who want to boost their web presence through venturing in micro-blogging services.

The changes are critical for Twitter's statistics. Unofficial reports say the site gains enormous traffic but new users don't seem to stick around.  Studies also show that only a few of its members are posting a huge chunk of "tweets" per day.

This might prove beneficial to Twitter's financial stature. The site appears to be too trivial that most of its users don't find time to regularly access it. Luring people back to its homepage will definitely help.