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Jul 26,2012 Shopify API Ecommerce

Web design done well

Your website is the cornerstone on which your business is based. Get it right and you’ll be attracting and keeping customers with its sleek appearance and high-end functionality, but get it wrong and potential clients won’t be coming back. It’s a make or break situation and can make all the difference to the conversion rate, and if you’re looking for an example of web design done well then should be a key point of reference. So just what does it offer to make it stand out?

Visual appeal. Any business owner wants to have a great looking website, and manages to achieve this with ease. The overall design is simple but effective, with just the right amount of colour to make it visually appealing without being headache-inducing, offering a good text size whilst utilising columns and pictures effectively to break up the page and make it pleasant to look at.

Easy to navigate. Navigation and usability is of course vital to any website, because if clients can’t quickly find what they’re looking for they’ll soon go elsewhere. Again, offers this kind of effective navigation—it’s set out in such a way to ensure clients can easily find the information they’re looking for, with simple tabs and drop-down menus ensuring total ease of use.

Good, uncluttered layout. is sleek, streamlined and totally uncluttered, ensuring the eye isn’t darting from space to space wondering what it’s going to see next. The layout of every page is simple yet effective to only add to the visual appeal, because there’s nothing worse than having a page where you can’t seem to work out what’s going on.

Information. The whole point of any website is to provide information, and with such detailed advice on retail law combined with effective design the site offers information in the ideal format.

As you can see, hits all the right notes when it comes to web design. Managing to combine retail law information with an uncluttered, easy to navigate and visually pleasing design means it all comes together perfectly, offering a site that performs on every level.