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May 30,2012 Shopify API

WordPress announce version 3.4

If you have read some of our blogs before, you will know just how enthusiastic we are about WordPress. The company have recently announced their plans to release version 3.4 which is set to improve the blogging and publishing platform, by improving features such as theme search and selection, as well as customisation and preview tools.

Using WordPress 3.4 users will be able to select from a wider range of headers and backgrounds in the media library, as well as choose from a range of header sizes. It is essential to spend time choosing the right design for your website or blog, as if it is more aesthetically pleasing to users, they are likely to stick around for a lot longer! The newest version of WordPress also includes an API for registering theme support, and an XML-RPC API which is used for mobile applications. An official release date for the latest version is still yet to be released, as it is currently under testing.

A long with WordPress 3.4, the company have also released an updated version of the iOS application known as 3.0, which provides a number of benefits for users accessing WordPress websites from their iPhones and iPads. As well as being able to update and distribute content whilst on-the-go, the iOS 3.0 from Wordpress enables uses to opt in to push notifications and use the new ‘swipe-to-moderate’ toolbar, which makes it easier to view your readers’ comments and moderate them.

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