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Jan 07,2010 Shopify API

WordPress Database Backup Plugin

Today we are very thankful for one highly recommend and potentially invaluable plugin: the WordPress Database Backup plugin.

It's likely that you have been frustrated several times by losing unsaved work when your computer or one of it's applications has crashed unexpectedly. Just imagine, then, the all-consuming sorrow of losing weeks, months or even years of blog posts or other site content. Your hosting company may provide a responsible backup service (or you may have a well-considered system in place if your site is self-hosted) but some extra insurance can be crucial if the unexpected happens (as it did for one of our client sites today).

The WordPress Database Backup plugin makes backing up WordPress content a painless process. Once the plugin has been added and activated through the WordPress admin section, it is then possible to specify an email address for the database backups to be sent to. Regular automatic backups can be set up to be received at your email address at a chosen interval. This interval can range from every hour (suitable for a very active site)  to every week (for a site where content is changed less frequently). Once these few options have been set, the latest content backup will be emailed to you regularly and potential catastrophes avoided with no further effort required.