Jul 02,2010 Shopify API

Wordpress SEO Advantages

Juno have recently made it their policy that any site they build or manage from July 2010 onwards must contain a WordPress or Joomla blog.

WordPress is our favourite blogging software as it's so easy to use, flexible in it's design, has lots of great plugins and is perfect for SEO.

Anyone can add content (by posting) or edit pages of their website once WordPress has been set up correctly; Juno gives their clients the opportunity to run their own website themselves.  Some web design companies charge extortionate rates for small changes to a site such as updating a menu or a adding in a special offer.

When you create a new post on WordPress Juno ensure that these things occur:

  1. A new page is created which Google can index
  2. The search engines are 'pinged' about the new post so they know about new content on the site
  3. Google displays the new post within 20 seconds of it being published with Google Caffeine
  4. Many backlinks are created using the post's content
  5. Social networks buzz about the new post
  6. The front page of the website keeps fresh with the last 4 blog posts
  7. SEO advances forwards

If you'd like to try out WordPress out for yourself for FREE then go to their website now: http://wordpress.com/

Unfortunately the free account doesn't have the SEO benefits as a free WordPress installation on your own site.  The costs involved are around £6 a year for a ".co.uk" domain name and around £9 a month for a good host for your website so it doesn't cost much to have your own WordPress blog for life.  WordPress is free because it's "open source" software which means freelancers and enthusiasts build the complex code behind it all for no payments.

Call Juno now if you want a small business site contained within a manageable WordPress blog, a good example of some of our work is Nobility Chair Covers, check them out!  Out number is 0115 941 8122 and we look forward to hearing from you.