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Jan 05,2010 Shopify API

WordPress - The Leading Open Source Content Management Application

WordPress consistently triumphs in popularity polls and is in use on over 200 million websites. What most impresses me about WordPress is it's flexibility: it's excellent for the most straighforward site or blog but can also be extended to include ecommerce, forums, social media functionality and much more. In addition, this flexibility is aided by an enthusiastic community that provide many of the plugins to extend the WordPress core free of charge. The result is that WordPress represents an excellent, cost-effective option for a wide range of sites.

I will be posting regularly on this blog about what WordPress has to offer as a Content Management System and ways to take advantage of this functionality. Subjects that will be covered include:

  • What a Content Management System (CMS) is and how it could benefit your site
  • How WordPress compares with other content management solutions
  • Recommended WordPress plugins
  • New features in WordPress 3 (when it is released)
  • WordPress tips & tricks
  • How to improve the search engine performance of WordPress sites
  • WordPress security features & options
  • How to turn your web design into a site theme

We will also be very pleased to hear any suggestions for topics relating to WordPress that you would be interested to find out more about.