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Oct 14,2009 Shopify API

Wordpress Web Design and Fresh Content

If you have a business but have not yet dipped your toes in the blogging pool, it is definitely something worth considering. Incorporating a blog into your web design can be very beneficial to your business because you will consistently be providing fresh content for prospective customers to find in web searches. Blogging allows your customers to get to know you as a person and gives you the chance to express your passion for what it is that you are selling. It can give you a real competitive edge if you can show readers that you are an expert in your field. Blogging is a good way to incorporate personal customer service into your website by talking about issues and questions about your product or field. Your customers can leave tips, comments, links to compatible sites, etc. on your blog, which may then draw others in.

If you are new to blogging (writing OR reading them), you may be wondering how the technology works. Web designers have access to a lot of different tools to help them build blogging platforms, one of which is WordPress Web Design. If you hire a web developer to build or maintain a website for you, chances are good that he or she will use Wordpress. CNN and the New York Times use WordPress, so it has been tried and tested by the best.

WordPress has generated a lot of buzz because it is considered very easy to learn and use. Once a website is created, the web designer can edit, add, subtract, and modify content quite easily. There are quite a few Wordpress plug-ins that your web designer can use to extend your website’s functionality and versatility, such as Trackback and Pingback. Trackback lets you notify a blogger that you have commented on his blog even if you don't have a link to his article. Pingback notifies a blogger that someone has linked to his blog. Pingback and Trackback makes blogs interconnected and lets you know that people are reading and linking to your blog.

If you are so inclined, WordPress allows you to edit and add pages and posts yourself whenever you like using the administrative back end. How much or little you do this depends on how involved you want to be in controlling the content of your website and if you have the time and inclination to learn WordPress basics.

WordPress is an Open Source project, which means that there are people all over the world working on it to make it better. That can’t be a bad thing, because we all know that 2 (thousand? million?) heads are better than one.

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