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Aug 11,2009 Shopify API

Yahoo Becomes New Owner of

Yahoo has been consistently acquiring and selling domain names for the past few months. Just very recently, the firm has bought for $80,000.

Yahoo went through a tumultuous year in 2008 and is slowly gaining back its pace this year. is touted as TMZ’s closest rival, and Yahoo’s acquisition of the domain might add some spice to the company’s lackluster repute. Yahoo could possibly shift its OMG portal to, though it could have something else mapped out for the domain.

Yahoo’s OMG! Is a celebrity and gossip website, run by the firm’s News entertainment arm. It debuted in June 2007, with little highlights and a press release published in Yahoo’s corporate blog. With a new web design geared towards luring the female demographic, OMG! became the second most read gossip website across the US. Still atop is, owned by rival company AOL.

Web traffic analysis accounts 1.575 billion visitors for in 2008. Yahoo’s websites got 3.4 billion views a day back in 2007. By May 2009, it turned out to be the second most visited website in the world. Yahoo is slowly recovering after a few big bumps in the road. With the direction it’s going, Yahoo is likely to be where it once was.

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