Jan 02,2009

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Traffic Generation Part 23 - Do You Digg?

Digg is a fun site that is very popular. Anyone can sign up for an account there, and start “digging” sites. Every time you come to a site that you like, you hit a button to “dig” it. Each dig counts as a vote, and the more votes a site gets, the more exposure it gets on the Digg website.

It is located here:

Not only does a digg help by giving you a valuable back link, but it can result in a ton of traffic too, especially if the content on your website is interesting. I would highly suggest that you start digging today!

To see me talk a bit more about Digg, please view the Video.

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Video Transcript.
I`d like to talk to you about one of the most popular websites out there its called digg. Essentially what this is, is a place you can goto and sign up for a free account.You can install some software on your computer and if you like a web page that you are visiting you hit the button and its called digging the web page.

Essentially your letting the service know that you like it and then the more people that digg the webpage the more popular its going to be. Its going to put that page in front of other digg users then of course if they like it they will vote for it and the more votes you get the better off you will be.

I suggest that you do this because even if you are the only person that diggs your page you never know what will happen. You never know somebody else is going to like it and before you know it you got a whole bunch of crazy traffic. Of course if you only get that one digg its still going to be a back link from one of the most powerful sites on the Internet.

Let me show you an example, you can see here these are more recent things that where dugg today, and this one was dugg 565 times.So again its one of those things that if we are able to create a page that is juicy, that's exciting and that you think people are going to like and then you can do whatever you can to get that momentum started.

You know this means calling all friends, maybe posting your page in the forums just saying if you have friends do you mind digging this. People have got crazy amounts of traffic from digg by doing this, of course if the content on your site is`nt exciting people aren't going to like it and its not going to work in the long run.

But again digg can provide you with a strong back link and it can also give you that chance, its kind of like playing the lottery, you never know how successful you will be until try. Why not give it ago it might just work out fantastic for you.

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