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Cegid POS & AspDotNetStorefront

Cegid has been specifically designed to maximise your retail operations, streamlining every part of the retail management chain to boost productivity, profitability and growth across the board. It can be ideal for companies of all sizes and with a high level of functionality and control you can take your business to new heights, but if you’re about to embark on an ecommerce challenge you’re going to need an even better solution. That’s where we can help.

Juno Web Design can take your current Cegid system and can integrate it with your online store, ensuring you can still enjoy the benefits of your current software solution whilst getting even more in the equation. With streamlined processes, real-time functionality and better visibility at every step of the way you can maximise your potential like never before, with just a few of the benefits being:

Better stock management. The direct link between website and warehouse means stock levels will be automatically updated, with the warehouse requesting the information and updating accordingly, reducing the possibility of overselling and ensuring optimum stock levels can be reached.

Better customer management. Customers will be able to place online orders based on current availability, and their details will be automatically saved and sent to distribution to speed up delivery. Their purchases can be tracked too, not only offering a better customer experience but giving you valuable insight into shopping habits to improve marketing focus no end.

Reduced costs. The autonomous nature of the system means manual input will be kept to a minimum—employees won’t have to manually tot up the books or update the website, for example—and that can result in time and cost savings from every angle.
Improved reporting functionality.  With real-time updates and instant access from any location you can get accurate reports whenever you need, improving business intelligence and giving you added peace of mind that everything is running smoothly.

This way of operating can save time and money whilst effortlessly adapting to your changing business needs, and with the addition of the AspDotNetStorefront platform you can get a site that works on every level. With fully-customisable templates, a user-friendly design, feature-rich backend functionality and SEO-rich content you could soon notice the difference to your bottom line, attracting new business and ultimately getting those conversions.

If you want to see how Cegid POS and AspDotNetStorefront integration can work for you and your business then make sure to get in touch and we could soon get the process underway.

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