Cquestrate – can the web save us from global warming?


Web Design | Cquestrate
Web Design | Cquestrate

We are proud to announce the launch of Cquestrate. This is not just another website but a scientific idea that aims to save the world from global warming. The website offers an open source solution to CO2 in the air and invites others to contribute in order to solve the issue.

The theory centres around a chemical reaction involving heated limestone and sea water that absorbs carbon dioxide.

With the theory out there to be improved or disproved, only time will tell. This website will feature in the press worldwide over the coming months and will have the attention of a global audience and the worlds leading scientists. This could be a very important project indeed.

We were hired by Maverick and developed and designed the website to their specification, a relationship we found to work very well and shine through to the final result.

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