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DMS Retail & Magento

Sometimes, you want more from your POS solution than your current system can provide. That’s where DMS Retail could help. Being the ideal complement to your software, DMS Retail offers a reporting and analytics platform that can transform the way you utilise your data to provide all-round benefits, and if you’re making the leap to the online arena you’re going to want that same level of functionality in a whole new format.

That’s where we come in. Here at Juno Web Design we can take your current POS system and can integrate it with your online platform, using Magento as the framework to offer the complete ecommerce solution. You can benefit from real-time functionality with a seamless link between your online and offline operations, boosting productivity and efficiency across all areas to streamline processes and, ultimately, maximise your potential.

You can look forward to:

Automatically updated stock levels
Automatic retention of customer details
Improved communication between all stages of the supply chain
Reduced admin time and staffing hours
Accurate reporting
Time and cost savings
Reliability, flexibility, efficiency

You get all of that, plus the additional benefits of the Magento platform. This fully-customisable framework can be built according to your individual business requirements, creating a bespoke solution that can offer the level of functionality and performance you need, combining a user-friendly design with SEO-rich content to maximise potential from every channel.

Here at Juno we’re specialists in the Magento platform and know just what it takes to create a site that delivers, and with the addition of DMS Retail integration you can reap the rewards of both platforms in one simple solution. With proper discussion and effective planning you could soon notice the difference to your bottom line, so if you want to explore the possibilities of business integration make sure to get in touch and we can get the process started.

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