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Dynamic Verticals & Magento

Providing the complete end-to-end retail solution, Dynamic Vertical Solutions could have the POS system that perfectly meets your needs. Catering to a whole range of industry sectors you can look forward to getting a system that can integrate the supply chain for enhanced functionality, a better customer experience and an enhanced ROI, but if it’s time to head to the online sector you’re going to need to up your game. That’s where we can help.

Here at Juno we realise you want to make the most of your online channel, but that doesn’t mean you want to lose the functionality of your current POS system. So why not integrate the two? We can build a bespoke Magento framework according to your unique requirements and can integrate your DVS system to give the best of both worlds, providing a seamless link between your online and offline operations to boost efficiency and streamline processes across every channel.

You get the benefit of real-time functionality with information being seamlessly shared across all aspects of the business, with a direct link between website and warehouse ensuring every stage of the process is fully optimised and effectively controlled.
Stock levels are automatically updated in-store and on the website, ensuring you (and your customers) can place orders based on current availability. It can drastically improve the supply chain and can ensure you reach optimum stock levels which can, in turn, offer great benefits to your bottom line.

Customer information is automatically retained and sent to distribution, simplifying the shipping process and ensuring quick delivery. Plus, because their orders can be tracked and traced you can use the data to marketing advantage, tailoring promotions and giving insight into shopping habits.

Thanks to the fully automated system you can drastically cut down the amount of administration that needs doing—paperwork will be kept to a minimum and manual input of accounting information, inventory and prices will be reduced, leading to great cost savings across the board.

You can run accurate, real-time reports whenever you need, giving an instant overview of how your business is running to boost productivity and allow you to better focus your business efforts.

All of this, plus the usual benefits of the Magento platform. We base our ecommerce solutions around this framework to offer the level of control and customisation you need with the results you want, with a user-friendly and SEO-rich design boosting your potential from every angle. When you combine that with DVS integration you can look forward to the complete ecommerce package, ensuring you won’t need to lose your software investment whilst offering business-wide benefits, and if you want to see the difference it could make just get in touch and we’ll get things started.

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