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Effortlesse/WebPOS & Magento

WebPOS is the web-based POS system of choice for companies across a whole range of sectors, offering high-level reporting functionality whilst streamlining processes to ensure you can maximise your potential. It’s efficient, scalable and can offer the performance you need, but what if you’re making the jump to ecommerce? That’s where we come in.

You don’t want to lose your software investment but equally you want to make the most of your online channel, so why not combine the two? With webPOS/Magento integration from Juno you can enjoy the functionality of your current POS system with the additional benefits of your new ecommerce store, offering the best of both worlds and ensuring you can bridge the gap between your physical store and your online channel.

This kind of integration offers real-time functionality, where information will be automatically shared between all parts of the business. This can simplify processes on every level whilst ensuring manual input is kept to a minimum, offering the chance for improved stock control, reduced costs and a better customer experience as a whole. You can get access to reports whenever you need them for a valuable insight into current performance and buying trends, and with everything being controlled from one central point you can have peace of mind that your business is running smoothly.

And, because we use Magento as the framework you can get even more. Magento is the customer-facing part of your ecommerce system and is the preferred platform for retailers the world over—it boasts a high level of functionality and total customisability that puts you in control, and with so many features you could soon notice the difference. The combination of user-friendly design and SEO-rich content means you’re offering a great shopping experience whilst boosting your profile in search results, and because you’re free to highlight key products you could increase your sales potential even more.

WebPOS and Magento integration can boost productivity, cut costs and ensure you can scale efficiently, ultimately meaning you’ve got an ecommerce solution that can grow with your business to deliver results. If you want to see the kind of impact it could have then make sure to get in touch with us here at Juno and we’ll put our expertise to good use.

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