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Elucid ERP & AspDotNetStorefront integrations

Elucid ERP is a system that can give retailers the level of functionality and efficiency they need, streamlining processes and ensuring they can get the most from their business. If you already use it you’re bound to know how beneficial it can be but if you’re making the leap to the online channel you’re going to need to integrate it with your AspDotNetStorefront platform, and that’s where Juno can help.

Not only will we build a bespoke ecommerce site that perfectly meets your needs but we’ll tie-in your Elucid ERP system to provide a single point of contact for all aspects of the business, bringing you a huge range of benefits:

Real-time functionality means stock levels will be automatically updated to ensure you only sell the stock you can actually deliver, and it also means you can reorder based on real-time figures to reach optimum sales levels.

Information can be seamlessly shared between all stages of the retail process, meaning customers can be handled efficiently to provide a great level of service.

Accounting and sales information is automatically updated to reduce the need for manual input (thereby saving time and money), and you can run accurate reports whenever you need to get an instant overview of performance and additional marketing focus.

The fully autonomous system means you can cut admin time and staffing hours whilst boosting productivity across every area, with everything being easily controlled from one central point.

Plus, because we’ll build your site using the AspDotNetStorefront platform, you’ll have a solution that can offer even more. It’s the customer-facing part of your retail operations and we’ll build it with the user as well as search engines in mind, with a wholly functional yet visually pleasing design that’s as easy to navigate as it is simple to order from.

With Elucid ERP and AspDotNetStorefront integration from Juno you could have an ecommerce solution that can deliver the results you need, so if you want to discuss the possibilities make sure to get in touch and we’ll get things started.

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