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Epicor & Magento integrations

If you use the Epicor ERP system in your business you’ll already benefit from a solution that can maximise productivity, increase profitability and open new doors with innovative thinking and high-level design, and if you’re about to head into the online arena you’re not going to want to lose that kind of functionality. That’s where we come in.

Juno Web Design can build a bespoke ecommerce site using the Magento platform and will integrate it with your current Epicor solution, providing a single point of contact across the business and effortlessly combining your online and offline channels.

With this way of operating you can look forward to:

Real-time functionality and instant data exchange across all areas
Improved inventory management with automatically updated stock levels
Better customer service with automatically retained details and the option to track purchases and therefore improve marketing focus
Time and cost savings with the autonomous system reducing the need for manual input
Accurate reporting for improved business intelligence and marketing possibilities
Productivity, scalability and total efficiency across the board

There’s a reason we use the Magento platform as the starting point, too. Actually, there’s several—this framework boasts fully-customisable templates, visual appeal, a high level of control, product highlighting, easy navigation and a user-friendly design, and we’ll incorporate SEO-rich content too in order to ensure you get search engines interested. This level of integration can maximise your performance like never before, and it could have a serious impact on your bottom line.

Here at Juno we know just what it takes to create sites that can have the desired outcome, and with our level of experience in the area you can be confident that your ecommerce needs are in good hands. If you want to get the process started then just get in touch on 0115 941 8122 or email and we’ll get discussions underway between every party.

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