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Eurostop & AspDotNetStorefront integrations

Eurostop is the ERP system of choice for fashion and lifestyle retailers the world over, with it being specifically designed for this sector to offer a solution that works. It covers every aspect of the merchandising chain to streamline complex processes and improve efficiency, productivity and profit margins as a whole, and if you’re about to make the leap to ecommerce you want to enjoy that same level of functionality in a brand new format. That’s where we come in.

Juno Web Design can take your current Eurostop system and integrate it with your AspDotNetStorefront platform to provide that vital link between your online and offline operations. With real-time functionality you can instantly share information between every part of the chain, boosting efficiency and ensuring everything is running smoothly. Just a few benefits you can look forward to include:

IMPROVED STOCK MANAGEMENT. You’ll get live updates of stock levels whenever you need them, with the information being sent directly from warehouse to store to website. This means you can keep track of sales and can re-order effectively, and it also means customers can order based on real-time availability.

IMPROVED CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT. Customer details are retained from initial point of contact and are shared between applicable aspects of the business, streamlining the distribution process and ensuring customers can be handled effectively whilst allowing you to track their purchases for valuable marketing insight.

IMPROVED SALES MANAGEMENT. Purchasing, sales and accounting information is updated automatically, and we can even integrate your ERP system with your accounting software to offer a single point of contact. You can run accurate reports whenever necessary and because employees won’t have to manually tot up the books (or update the website) you can drastically cut admin time.

Ultimately you’re getting a fully-automated process that can save time, boost efficiency and adapt to your changing business needs, and because you’re getting the AspDotNetStorefront platform as your starting point you’ll have an ecommerce solution that can perform on every level. With a user- and SEO-friendly design, full customisation and easy highlighting of products you’ll have a system that works for you to maximise your potential, transforming your prospects and delivering the results you want.

Want to see how Eurostop & AspDotNetStorefront integrations can work for you? Then get in touch with us here at Juno and you could soon experience the difference.

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