FREE Cookie Law Compliance Magento Module – NEW RELEASE


The Magento specialists here at Juno Web Design have recently created a Cookie Law Compliance Module for all Magento users.

CLICK HERE To view our Magento Cookie Law Module

We talk to Andrew Slater, the creator, to find out why he produced this particular module and how you can get your hands on this Free plug in.

What have you created?
We have created a new FREE magento module- Cookie Law Compliance Magento Module

Why have you created it?
Mainly to help Magento store owners comply with the new EU cookie law.

How does it work?
It implements this really cool javascript that places a small popup on the pages of your site. informing users that the particular site they are visiting, is using cookies to store information on their computer, ensuring that they are happy with that.

Why should companies use this module?
Firstly its very simple to install, secondly by the 26th May 2012, all websites must comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations in response to the EU Privacy Directive. The UK government has recently updated the policy and companies could be fined up to £500,000 for not complying with this law.

How do they get their free app?

The Free Module will be available to download on the Juno Magento Store in the next few days, in the mean time, if you would like the free Cookie Law Compliance Magento Module, contact

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