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Go Frugal Magento integration

Being successful in retail requires POS software that’s perfectly adaptable to the needs of your business, and GoFrugal could have the solution. They provide complete end-to-end systems that can be utilised across a whole range of industry sectors with software that incorporates everything from purchase and inventory to finance and accounting, but what if you’re making the leap to the online arena? You’ll need a system that can coordinate both channels to put you in complete control, and with GoFrugal integration from Juno you could have that result.

Here at Juno Web Design we can take your current EPOS system and meld it seamlessly into your ecommerce solution, providing that much-needed link between your online channel and your physical operations. You can share information across all areas of business to boost productivity, accuracy and efficiency, getting real-time updates and ensuring things can run smoothly at every step of the way.


Automatically updated stock levels
Sales and accounting information can be easily accessed
Customer data is retained
Accurate reporting based on real-time information
High level of control
Minimal manual input required
Time and cost savings
… All of this from one central system, plus with the functionality and performance of the Magento platform you can look forward to even more. Magento is the customer-facing part of your online channel and we’ll build it around your own unique requirements, with everything being fully-customisable to suit the needs of your business. Stock levels will be updated, navigation systems will be usable, SEO-rich content will be provided and popular products will be highlighted, ultimately ensuring you’ve got an ecommerce solution that can maximise your potential and, ideally, sales.

With GoFrugal and Magento integration you get the best of both platforms, with everything working together to give the results you’re after. If you want to discuss the possibilities of integration to see how it could benefit your business just get in touch and you could soon have a solution that works.

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