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HotPOS & Magento

HotPOS offers a whole range of POS systems, meeting the needs of businesses across the board to provide practical, robust solutions that can ensure they make the most of their retail environment. But what if it’s time to take things further? Making the jump to the ecommerce arena needs something more than the norm—you’re going to want the system you love in a whole new format, and here at Juno we’ll be able to help.

We’ll build you a bespoke, feature-rich ecommerce site using the Magento platform to ensure it meets your business needs, and we’ll go on from that to incorporate your current HotPOS system to maximise performance on every level. You’ll have a direct link between your online and offline operations as well as total control at every step of the way, with real-time functionality offering benefits like never before.

Stock levels will be automatically updated, with the link from website to warehouse ensuring customers won’t be able to place an order if an item is out of stock. This means you can reach optimum stock levels without the need for manual inventory checking, and customers can enjoy a great level of customer service too. This service is further enhanced with their details being automatically sent to distribution to streamline the delivery chain, and because their purchases can be tracked you can get a great insight into their shopping habits.

This fully-autonomous system can offer advantages further down the line too. Admin and staffing costs will be kept to a minimum as there’ll be no need to manually tot up the books or update the website with pricing or stock information, and you can get access to real-time reports whenever you need them for an accurate overview of business performance. You can improve your marketing focus and can boost productivity at every step of the way, with this wholly efficient system being scalable, cost-effective and controllable throughout.

Plus, because we use the Magento framework you get even more. Not only is it fully customisable to suit your needs but it boasts a user-friendly and SEO-rich design to maximise your potential sales from every angle, and with full control, plenty of configuration options and even the option to highlight key products you could soon notice the difference to your sales figures.

Want to see how this kind of integration could work for you? Then get in touch. We’re Magento specialists and know just what it takes to achieve the desired outcome, so for more information or to get the process underway just call us on 0115 941 8122 or email and see what we can do.

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