How Magento modules can improve your ecommerce website


Magento is described by many web design experts as the best piece of ecommerce software available to shops and stores looking to take their business online. It allows you to build an SEO friendly ecommerce website that is compatible with tools like Google Analytics and Google Adwords. As well as having functionalities that allow customers to filter their products and see your best selling products first, Magento also provides sales data, and other customer and product based reports, allowing you to evaluate your businesses performance, and have full control over your website. Like WordPress, which is known for having thousands of add-ons and plugins, there are a variety of different plugins, known as ‘modules’ available to integrate with your Magento website. These modules are designed to enhance your website, adapting it so it looks or functions in a different way.

These modules will make your ecommerce website run more smoothly, providing a better shopping experience for your customers. Whether you’re in the retail, manufacturing, or hospitality industry, there will be many suitable add-ons available for you to use to improve your websites functionality.

Some Magento modules are free and can be downloaded online, whereas others you have to pay for. Each has its own specific purpose and you will find some more useful than others, depending on what you are looking to do with your ecommerce site. Two popular free add-ons are the Enterprise Suit ERP and Sweet Tooth Rewards. The Enterprise Suite module provides businesses with information such as incoming orders and stock quantity. It also enables website owners to update prices and other product details more efficiently. Sweet Tooth Rewards is another fantastic free extension which creates a loyalty point system for a Magento website. Customers earn points by buying products regularly and can then use these points to purchase more products as they gain more and more. This is a great tool as it attracts new customers and keeps existing customers happy!

Although there are a number of free add-ons available, if you’re looking for something a little more advanced, or that does something specific for your website, you will have to purchase them. Prices vary depending on the type of module that you’re looking to buy. Magento Cybertill integration is a module that automatically fetches your stock levels and updates your website with the correct information, ensuring that your customers can’t purchase something that is out of stock. This is a useful tool as it allows you to see when you are getting low on particular items, and need to re-order them. With Cybertill there are a three ways in which you can integrate it with your Magento site, basic, advanced or completely, with the two latter options you will gain more benefits such as customers and sales integration and other simple object access protocol services.

There are also add-ons which ensure your ecommerce site produces suitable XML product feeds for Google Base, as well as tools that make updating information on your website much easier, such as the Magento Press Release module that allows you to create, control and publish press releases is a simple and efficient manner.

Magento Modules help to create a better shopping experience for customers, as they enhance your website and make it more user-friendly. As well as improving your website for customers, these add-ons help to provide you with knowledge and important information that could help you improve your business in the long run. Although there are a large number of modules on the market, all of which have different purposes, if you can’t quite find the right one for your site, web developing experts are able to make tailor-made ones, ensuring that you enhance your website to its full potential.

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