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Imonggo Magento Integration

Imonggo is more than just a POS system—it’s a complete retail management solution. It can be utilised across a whole range of different areas to incorporate sales analysis, customer relations, business intelligence, inventory management and point of sale, all from a simple, secure and intuitive user interface that’s infinitely scalable. If your company already uses this system you’re bound to know how beneficial it can be, but what if you want to integrate things with your ecommerce site? We think we’ve got the solution.

Juno Web Design can take your existing Imonggo system and integrate it with your online channel, using Magento to offer the perfect mix of performance and functionality. You’ll bridge the gap between your online and offline operations with information being easily shared across all sectors, offering real-time functionality and the chance to track sales and buying habits like never before, giving you a totally streamlined and efficient solution to your business needs.

With Imonggo/Magento integration from Juno you can look forward to:

Reduced costs and admin time.
Increased efficiency.
Automatic updates of accounts, sales and stock levels.
Shared information between all sectors of the business.
Up-to-date reports.
Better user experience.

By utilising this system you can enjoy full automation of the entire sales process right from initial purchase to warehousing and distribution, and because you’ll have the Magento platform at its heart you can get even more. We’ll build your site around your unique requirements to ensure you’ve got an ecommerce solution that works, and with the addition of an easy user interface, SEO-rich content and a high level of control you can maximise your potential like never before.

Juno can integrate Imonggo with Magento to offer the perfect solution to your retail needs, and if you want to discuss how it could work for your business make sure to contact us and you could soon have an ecommerce solution that performs.

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