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Internet Marketing

Juno are Nottingham’s fastest growing and most successful Internet Marketing Company

This isn’t just a bold statement to get your attention… in the four years Juno Media UK have been operating within Nottinghamshire we are now leading experts in the leading e-commerce software ‘Magento‘,  we have produced our own foolproof WordPress blogging modifications and use a highly skilled team to win search engine results with on-site and off-site search engine optimisation (SEO).

Juno’s objectives for websites that sell a product or a service are to:

Present the product or service in the best possible light
– Make website navigation painless and simple for all users
– Create a search engine friendly website that can be content managed solely by the client
– Highlight the key ‘call to actions‘ e.g. phone number, buy button, email form etc.
– Highlight key advantages of using the product/service to increase sales percentages

On-going Marketing

After a website is built is needs to be promoted and improved over time, many businesses fail in one of these two points.  Without promotion you will receive very little traffic to a website no matter how good it looks or how much amazing content it contains.  Failing to improve a website’s conversion rate (sales to visitors percentage) can be very costly too; a simple change to how a website looks, feels or operates can boost sales without any need for further traffic.

Juno are at foremost a digital marketing agency with Nottingham’s highest ranking SEO company dealing with search engine optimisation.  Traffic gained from top positions in Google can generate massive revenues alone and you can see Juno’s sites in the top 3 positions in Google for a whole manner of keywords including: “duffle coats”, “remote control blinds”, “sunglasses” and “IT support”.

Some companies need more than number one placements in Google and that’s where our PR sidearm company come in called JPR Marketing.  Building a brand can be a tricky task from the logo design all the way to online and offline publications.  Juno and JPR Marketing have the skillset and know-how to build a brand from scratch all the way to the UK wide market, all we ask is that there is a high quality of product or service and you are highly driven to make your brand a huge success.

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Juno, JPR Marketing and Real Web SEO are all working alongside bigger and bigger companies and we’re now branching out from Nottingham and focusing on the UK as a whole.  If you want our internet marketing services then call us straight away and discuss your future goals and how we can achieve them – 0845 544 1766

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