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iStart & Magento integration

Choosing the right ERP system for the job is vital for any retailer, but unfortunately it isn’t always easy to make that decision. You need access to the latest research, expert opinion and advice you can trust, and that’s where iStart can help. Providing information, demos, contact details and brochures for some of the leading ERP systems on the market they could soon help you make the right decision, but once that’s out of the way you need to start considering your online attack. That’s where we come in.

Here at Juno we know the only way to make the most of your multi-channel operations is if you’ve got that ideal combination of a feature-rich ERP system and a wholly functional ecommerce site, and with Magento integration you can have that kind of result. We’ll take your iStart-chosen software and will integrate it with your brand new Magento site, bridging the gap between you online and offline operations and ensuring you can reap the rewards of your carefully-chosen system.


Real-time functionality
Automatically updated stock levels
Customer details are automatically retained
Minimal manual input required—time and cost savings
Accurate reporting
Improved business intelligence and marketing focus
Productivity, efficiency and scalability

Because we build your Magento site around your own unique requirements you can have a site that performs on every level. With a feature-rich framework, customisable templates, user-friendly design, SEO-rich content and total control you can really make the most of your online channel, offering a great shopping experience whilst boosting your profile (and potential profits) for maximum results.

Implementing the right ERP system can transform your business and with the addition of Magento you can get even more, so if you want to see how this kind of integration can take your company forwards make sure to call us on 0115 941 8122 or email and we’ll get discussions underway.

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