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Lawson ERP Software Magento Integration

If you already use Lawson software in your business you’re bound to know how beneficial it can be. Offering ERP software that provides the automation, flexibility and control you need, you’ve got a solution that can simplify complex business processes to give you a competitive advantage and make business management as a whole more efficient. If you’re about to make the leap to the online arena you want that same level of functionality with an ecommerce slant, and that’s where Juno can help.

We can take your current Lawson software and integrate it with your brand new Magento ecommerce site, offering the functionality you’ve come to rely on in a whole new level. You’ll have a direct link between every stage in the process, covering the website to the warehouse for complete automation and efficient information-sharing at every step of the way, giving you the peace of mind in knowing that every part of your business is running as smoothly as possible.

With real-time functionality you can get an instant overview of company performance whenever you need it, and stock levels will be automatically updated to reduce the need for manual inventory management. Customers can order based on current sales figures and their information will be sent straight to distribution, speeding up the shipping process and offering great customer service.

Accounts and sales information will be automatically updated too, ensuring there’s no need to manually tot up the books, and the reduction in paperwork means admin and staffing hours will be cut to offer great cost savings. Productivity, reliability and accuracy will be improved on every level, ultimately ensuring you’ve got a wholly efficient system that can meet your every business requirement.

With Lawson/Magento integration you’ll have everything you need to control your business in one central point, and with the Magento platform as your framework you can look forward to getting an ecommerce system that performs on every level. Sales will be maximised and search results improved thanks to effective design and SEO-rich content, and with it being fully customisable you’ll have a solution that’s as unique as you are.
In order to reap the rewards of this system you need to get planning underway between every area of business, so if you want to discuss the possibilities just call us on 0115 941 8122 or email and we’ll get started.


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