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Magento and Linnworks Integration

If you have chosen a system that controls your company’s stock, accounts, inventory, listings and repricing plus general management, much like the Linnworks order management system, you have everything under control. The next step would naturally to place your company online to sell more products and reach more customers. How do you do this? With the help of Juno and Magento .

Juno can build the bridge between your Linnworks system and an online store, the benefits to you and your customers are numerous:

– Automated features in real time
– Stock is controlled and updated online reducing over sell
– Distribution receives customer data in real time
– Customers information is saved to track orders and buying trends
– Customer service standards are increased
– Staffing hours are reduced
– Information is sent and received between the online presence and physical company

Juno created Magento to provide a front facing e commerce for businesses, allowing them to reach a demanding market, and therefore increase sales and enquiries. Magento gives you full control of your website and is SEO friendly being analysed and ranked on search engines daily. Magento allows the customer to zoom in on products increasing sale activity.

Save time, increase productivity and scale efficiently with full automation of your sales and customer data from Website to warehouse.

For best results, this process requires planning and discussion to between all parties Juno, your distribution and accounts team and Linnworks.

To find out more about our broad experience with Magento and business integration please call us on 0115 941 8122 or contact us now.

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