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Magento Silver Partners

Juno Web Design is proud to become Magento Silver Partners.

Magento is a powerful and robust platform which we create eCommerce retail stores from. Those stores command a high turnover of profit and need a stable, sturdy platform to be able to showcase products and provide a seamless way of purchasing online.

Being Magento specialists and silver partners, allows us to create bespoke front end designs, import product descriptions and governs great SEO content, which allows sites to sit high in search engine results.

The Enterprise version of Magento, is a system that can scale to any size of eCommerce store, providing total support and ease to clients and developers. Another great point about the Magento system is that it can be easily integrated with existing systems such as Electronic payment systems and EPOS. This allows companies to have a seamless link between their online stores and their physical stores. This means companies can access information such as pricing and customer data, they can change products quickly and efficiently, and they can see which areas are really working.

The Magento platform allows companies to turn browsers into customers, using clever promotions and offers.

It is used by some of the biggest brands across the globe, including The North Face, Toms Shoes, Etam, Mothercare and Skull Candy.

Juno Web Design have partnered with Magento to provide clients with the best design and support when creating eCommerce stores.

If your business is growing and you need a platform to be able to cope with growth, which provides a range of modules and integration to provide an online store, that is not only visually pleasing, but drives customers to purchase, thus increasing profits and return on investment, speak to the Juno Web Design team today.

We talk to you about your business, your goals and how the process works when creating the best eCommerce stores with Magento.

Juno Web Design- Magento Silver Partners

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