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Magento Social Shopping

Social Shopping is the new wave of ecommerce that far expands the limitations of traditional commerce websites.

The rise of online social media multiplied with smart phone and tablet use now allows people to discover and buy products on the move and within social circles:

– There are now 23 Million registered accounts on Facebook within the UK and people are spending most of their online time connected to it

Twitter users are growing by the thousands per day with the average active user tweeting 15 times a day

– People are swapping old mobile phones for smart phones with internet browsers, ecommerce applications and social applications such as TweetDeck

How Magento can become a social shopping platform…

Our skilled team of developers here at Juno Web Design now only code using the open source eCommerce platform Magento.  Trends have shown that Magento is now over three times more popular than any other ecommerce platform – click here to see the latest shopping cart trend statistics from Google.

Magento is ideal for SEO as it produces perfect URL’s, it can catergorise the products and automatic meta information can be added.  One of our latest projects was the Graham and Green website, here you will find a client managed ecommerce site built in Magento which looks stunning and performs fantastically in the search engines:

Being open-source software, Magento is free to use and is updated regularly with new features and more efficient inner workings.  Products can be easily managed by clients themselves with simple stock systems and a CMS environment to add descriptions, products, news posts etc.

Modules can be built for Magento which open up a wide range of possibilities such as:

– Direct integration into Amazon and Ebay

– Dynamic Twitter buttons so people can ‘tweet’ directly to the products they like on the site from each product page

– Facebook integration so people can actually buy the products directly from the brand’s Fan page on Facebook Pages

– Mobile phone apps for a whole ecommerce brand. Magento sites can be modified into a dynamic app that allows you to scroll and easily interact with the products with touch screen smart phones such as an iPhone

To find out more about social marketing and SEO call the Juno group now on 0845 544 1766 and see how we can propel your business online and within the latest social shopping circles.

We are part of the Juno Media group, four interlinked companies that take raw products and elevate them on a splendidly branded, easy-to-use ecommerce platform.  From day one the website is set to perform well in the search engines and convert visitors into customers.

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