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Magento Touchstone Integration

Touchstone Group offers companies a choice of financial management and ERP systems. If your company has invested in one of these systems to simplify computer based processes within your company, you may want to link this to an existing website or build a website to sell your products and services online.

Juno web design can help you with the aid of Magento .

Juno creates a link between your online and in Store Company. This link is updated in real time, and information is sent back and forth between the two sites, which enables:

Stock to be updated in store and online. Customers can see if a product is out of stock when shopping on the internet.

Customer Data to be saved, shipping addresses are sent directly to distribution for a quick turn around, and buying trends are tracked so you can market specific products and promotions to those customers.

The accounts update and you can run a report at any time, and you save staffing hours spent over paperwork, as everything is available instantly at your fingertips.

Juno uses Magento to create your online store, utilising the best designs, which tempt your customers into exploring your website. They can zoom in on specific products and purchasing couldn’t be simpler, making the whole experience a happy one. The sites are SEO friendly and you are in total control of everything.

Save time, increase productivity and scale efficiently with full automation of your sales and customer data from Website to warehouse.
For best results, this process requires planning and discussion to between all parties Juno, your distribution and accounts team and QAD systems.
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