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Nirvana Retail Nisyst NPOS Spree Commerce Integration

NISYST is a high-performing EPOS solution that can be utilised in businesses across a whole range of sectors, with it boasting high-level stock control, admin and reporting features to reduce waste and maximise efficiency at every step of the way. It consolidates complex business processes in one simple interface, and if you’re about to take the plunge with an online store you’ll want to bring that level of functionality with you. That all comes down to effective integration, and here at Juno we can help.

We’ll take your current NISYST system and will incorporate it into a brand new Spree platform, providing a single point of contact between your online channel and your physical store to deliver the performance boost you need. Information will be shared on a real-time basis and can be accessed whenever necessary for the level of control you’re after, with visibility, efficiency, productivity and business intelligence being improved across the board.


Automatically updated stock levels
Customer details retained from initial point of contact
Streamlined distribution process
Purchases can be tracked
Accounts and sales information updated on a real-time basis
Accurate reports can be run whenever necessary
Autonomous system reduces the need for manual input
Cost-effective, efficient, scalable

You get all this, plus the additional benefits of the Spree platform. This framework can be fully customised to suit your needs with flexibility and simplicity being at its core, resulting in a site that looks great for your customers with high-end performance for you. With an SEO- and user-friendly design you’ll have a solution that works on every level, and with our experience in the ecommerce arena you’re bound to be happy with the results.

Want to see what NISYST/Spree integration can do for you? Then get in touch. We know what it takes to create solutions that deliver and can implement a plan perfectly tailored to your needs, so call us on 0115 941 8122 or email and see what we can do.


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