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NISYST & Magento integration

NISYST offers EPOS solutions to retailers across a whole range of sectors, with their software combining point of sale with stock control, reporting and admin features to deliver real commercial benefit to your business. You can maximise your profits and reduce waste by thanks to efficient stock control, reduced staffing hours and improved efficiency across the board, and if you’re about to head into the online arena you’re going to need a solution that can offer the same kind of functionality in the ecommerce sector. That’s where we can help.

Here at Juno Web Design we’ll integrate your new Magento ecommerce platform with your existing NISYST system, combining the best of both worlds to offer a seamless link between your online and offline operations. Information can be instantly shared between all areas of business to boost productivity and efficiency like never before, and with real-time functionality you can look forward to even more.

Stock levels will be automatically updated to reduce the possibility of over-selling whilst ensuring customers can buy in confidence, and you’ll have instant access to sales figures to get accurate reports whenever you need them.

Customers can look forward to a great shopping experience, not only because they can see what items are in stock but because their details will be retained from initial point of contact—they won’t have to re-enter their delivery details and there’ll be no delay at the distribution stage, ensuring efficiency at every step of the way.

Admin time will be kept to a minimum which can result in great time and cost savings. Members of staff won’t have to manually update the website with prices or sales figures and nor will they have to tot up the books by hand, ensuring their expertise can be better utilised elsewhere.

Thanks to the fully autonomous nature of the system you can boost productivity and efficiency like never before, and with the Magento framework as your ecommerce base you’ve got a great starting point. We’ll build a bespoke solution to perfectly suit the needs of your company, and with SEO-rich content and a user-friendly design you can maximise your sales potential from every angle.

NISYST and Magento integration from Juno can transform the way your company operates, ensuring you can make the most of your online and offline channels with a wholly functional system that can easily adapt to your changing business needs. If you want to see what this kind of solution can offer then contact us today and we’ll get the process started.

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