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NWBM Northwest Business Machines EPOS & Shopify Integration

If you already use a North West Business Machines system in your company, you already benefit from having a high-performing EPOS solution that can cope with the demands of the retail sector. You’ll be in total control with a tailored package that can coordinate even the most complex of business functions, and if it’s time to make the jump to the online channel you’re going to want to take that same system with you. We can help you achieve that.

Here at Juno Web Design we’ll take your NWBM system and will integrate it with a brand new Shopify ecommerce store, offering everything you need to take charge of your multi-channel operations. With real-time functionality and total control from any location you can streamline operations like never before, connecting every link in the chain for the efficiency and visibility you need.

The direct link from website to warehouse means stock levels can be instantly updated both in-store and online without the need for manual input, ensuring you can reach optimum figures with ease. Customers will be able to place online orders based on current availability to avoid disappointment later down the line, and their details will be saved from initial point of contact to streamline processes and offer a better customer experience.

Purchases can be tracked for valuable marketing benefit, and this can be further enhanced with the real-time nature of the system—sales and accounting information will be updated automatically and reports can be run from any location, giving an instant and up-to-date overview of company performance whenever necessary to improve decision making across the board. Admin time and staff costs can be cut too, offering time and cost savings and a high level of efficiency.

This fully scalable system can grow with your business, and because everything will be built around your individual requirements you’ll have a solution that can really perform. The Shopify platform boasts fully-customisable templates with a user-friendly yet visually appealing design, and the addition of SEO-rich content means you can maximise your potential like never before.

NWBM/Shopify integration from Juno can give you the tools you need to really make the most of your multi-channel operations, so if you want to learn more about how it could work for you just get in touch and see for yourself.

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