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Oracle Magento Integration

Oracle is an ERP system that provides companies worldwide, with ultimately a control centre. If your business uses an Oracle ERP system, you will know that everything is covered from finance to stock and pricing, and it is all in one place. If you have not already, the next step is naturally creating a website for your business and selling online, increasing your customer base and reaching out to a global market. You can use your existing ERP system and link it to your online site with the help of JUNO and Magento .

Juno can bridge the gap between ERP system and online store so everything is automated and in one place.

The system updates automatically so stock levels are constantly monitored, if something is out of stock, online customers are informed.

Customer data is saved from online purchases. Their addresses are sent to the warehouse for distribution and their buying trends are tracked so you can market specific products to them.

Juno uses Magento and creates your e commerce site where your company sells products online. The sites are incredibly user friendly and feature specific products. They contain SEO material, which is picked up and analysed by the major search engines. Best of all you are in charge and everything is in one place.

Save time, increase productivity and scale efficiently with full automation of your sales and customer data, from Website to warehouse.

For best results, this process requires planning and discussion to between all parties Juno, your distribution team and Oracle.

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