We’re an ecommerce agency with a vision. To lift our clients to be the best they can be, from gorgeous website design to engaging content.

Our Mission

For an ecommerce company to be successful, there’s a long list of things to cover. It’s not just about your platform; it’s about your tech stack, your content strategy, your ongoing maintenance. The sum of all parts.

That’s our goal. To put together an effective blueprint which stimulates your success, and to work with you every step of the way.

Our Approach

It’s not just one-off projects with us. We love building relationships with people, so that’s why we work with our partners and clients continuously to build something to be proud of.

We do that through support, strategy, and insights. Support, through tech and maintenance; strategy, through content and marketing; and insights, through business intelligence and analytics.

From the very start, Juno has been about what we can do for our clients. We listen, learn, create and support.

Brittany Green, COO

Our History

Founded in 2006 by CEO David Wiltshire, Juno has since solidified our reputation as a reliable web design and ecommerce agency.

Originally operating out of an office in Nottingham, the coronavirus pandemic forced us to think outside of the box to take care of our staff’s wellbeing, while still offering outstanding service to our clients.

Now, we’re fully remote, with a team dotted around and outside of the country.

Here’s just some of the milestones we’ve achieved since we were founded.


Founded in 2006, Juno has seen the world of ecommerce change rapidly. We’ve constantly evolved to the changing times and strive to innovate new ways of doing things.


We’ve helped hundreds of brands achieve their business goals, through beautiful, bespoke websites as well as our expert consultancy.


An ecommerce agency is nothing without its team, and that’s why we make staff welfare one of our top priorities. Juno is packed with talented and knowledgeable people, and we’re always looking for new faces to join.

Remote & Office

We’re proud to be able to offer flexible working conditions to our team. Juno is fully remote, however we also have a Nottingham office for those who prefer to work together in person.

The leadership team


Simon Drane - Chairman

Brittany Green - COO

James Pennington - CFO

Alex Luong - Head of Design

Steve Wilson - Head of Development

Su Dias - Head of Project Management

David Wiltshire - Founder

Project Management & Delivery

Sam Borrie - Senior Project Manager

Sarah Quinsee - Project Manager

Lucy Old - Project Manager

Isabella Brohier-Wood - Sales and Partnerships Manager

Marina Prado - Marketing Manager


Rafal Kumorek - Lead Front End Developer

Sam Clarke - Senior Frontend Developer

Emma Sneller - Frontend Developer

Miguel Nobrega - Frontend Developer

Bethany Fulton - Frontend Developer

Hung Dinh - Frontend Developer

Binh Nguyen - Frontend Developer

Quang Dinh - Frontend Developer

Vinh Tran - Frontend Developer

Long Hoang - Frontend Developer

Waqar Ali - Frontend Developer

Design & UX

Usayd Manning - Designer

QA & Support

Dawn Priddey - Process Manager

Rooz Lali - Head of Support

Miles Wilcox - QA Engineer