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Adwords PPC Management

Juno Web Design are Adwords experts based in Nottingham, UK.

We’ve experienced the power of pay per click (PPC) advertising with clients reaching over £30,000 in revenue per month through paid traffic alone.

Adwords is Google’s flagship PPC platform which allows you to get almost instantaneous traffic to any website.  The flexible bidding and keyword system allows you to control your advertising costs whilst ensuring that only people looking for your product or service will visit your website.

Setting Adwords up incorrectly can be very costly, one or more of these things could happen and do happen with many campaigns:

– The location can be set outside your target market
– The advertising spend per day could be astronomically high
– Mobile phones or other un-suitable devices can see your adverts
– Bidding keywords can be confused with other similar products/services/items
– Ads may be shown at inappropriate times of day
– Ads may break Google’s rules and risk a total ban
– Ads may use links that are broken or unspecific
– Ads may be shown on inappropriate websites

We can take the hassle out of your adwords and also re-invest the profits into more valuable SEO which has a longer lasting and bigger effect on sales.

Call us now on 0115 9418 122 to discover how Juno can help your business in Nottingham…